Hi ghouls. Welcome to my boneyard picnic, where we can sit and enjoy stories that appeal to both our morbid nature and our heartstrings.

My name is Natalie Meagan and I am an artist, reviewer of books (Weirdo Book Club), occasional gamer and lover of all things weird and wonderful. From a young age, I reached for art, books and media as a source of comfort but once the internet came into play, I found community through those things as well. Reading is one of my favorite solitary activities but it is also a lot of fun to share it with others and that is what I hope to do here with you!

I first read about the concept of cemetery picnics in an article about the weird history of American cemeteries. Apparently, before there were local or city parks, people would break bread with the dead and have their lunch on the peaceful, often beautiful grounds of the local cemeteries. What seemed morbid and strange to some was fascinating to me and I knew it was the perfect concept for this page, the books I hope to share with you and the vibes I hope to create!


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